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How to Brighten Your Day

06 12 15

After a hard school year, I finally finished my first year of high school! This year I’ve appreciated many more things than I did last year, like sleep and I’ve learned that there are little things I can do to help brighten my day or put in a better mindset that always help make things a little easier. Its different of course for everyone, but I put together a few little things that I do, that will hopefully give you ideas for yourself.

Write it down! This year I’ve discovered that writing down thoughts in a notebook or journal provides a stress reliever and really works. I have a lot of notebooks lying around in my room and closet (maybe fifteen!) and highly suggest to try and keep a journal the best you can.


Smells. Light your favorite candle or wear your favorite perfume. Being surrounded by a smell you love instantly changes the atmosphere in the room, and always makes me feel better.



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