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Brentwood Art Show October 12

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Over the weekend Emily and I had the chance to go to the Brentwood Art Show together, and we had a great time walking on San Vicente and looking at all of the beautiful artwork and jewelry displayed. There was live music, and what seemed liked hundreds of booths and tents lined up on the street side by side. This festival happens only twice a year once in the Autumn and once in the Spring. If you want to know of all the artists that participated in this event, or more about it Click here. Hopefully this spring you can all check it at!

2014-10-12 10.20.48 HDR

2014-10-12 10.27.50

2014-10-12 10.29.21

2014-10-12 10.30.57

2014-10-12 10.28.38 HDR

2014-10-12 10.31.09


– Emily and Lizzy

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Desktop Backgrounds

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Today I’ve been inspired by the photographer Max Wagner. I love his approach to photography, and the calming and soft feel his photographs give off. These photographs make for great desktop backgrounds and I love the soft and calming color pallet he uses to give his photographs a light and relaxing feel to them.





Downloads from Design Love Fest