Vivian Maier

11 01 14

Vivian Maier was a famous street photographer from the 1950s-1990s. She died at the age of 83, and she is known as being private and reserved person who did not spend much of her time around other adults. Vivian was born in the United States and lived her childhood in France and developed a strong French accent which she kept throughout her life, but later moved to New York where she was a nanny. On her day off everywhere she went she would take her camera with her but she never saw any of her own photographs. Vivian’s work was purchased at an auction by a historian John Maloof who bought her negatives for $400 still packed in the roll. Vivian took over 150,00 photographs mainly of people and architecture in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. She had also taken self portraits of herself through reflections, shadows, and mirrors. Vivian Maier is one of my favorite photographers and all of her photos are truly incredible and inspiring. Here are a few of her photos.








photos from lifebuzz

xox, Lizzy

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