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R+Co Hair Products

03 01 15

Recently I’ve tried a new Shampoo and Conditioner from a brand called R+Co, which I am absolutely loving right now. This brand makes several different types of shampoos and conditioners such as thickening, smoothing, moisturizing, color, and shine. (The shine I did not include in the picture.) I have very oily hair and the thickening Shampoo and Conditioner worked very well on my hair leaving it soft and smelling great! This brand also makes styling creams, sprays and oils, and hairspray. They also make a Death Valley dry shampoo which I am hoping to try soon. All of their products are very good quality, and I love the adorable labels on the packaging, which makes me only love the brand even more! I especially like how they don’t have an overwhelming amount of different products, from the same thing. Here is a link to the website if you want to explore some other hairstyling products from this brand. Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.50.21 PM   xoxo, Lizzy

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