DIY Peony Flower Wreath

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Over the weekend I was at Paper Source, one of my favorite places, (I always want to buy everything I see!) I spotted a beautiful DIY Peony Wreath Kit, and I thought I would show you my process in making in.



  • Double sided tape or glue (I prefer double sided tape for this project)
  • Pencil
  • Wreath Kit
    • cutout flowers
    • adhesive foam squares
    • cardboard wreath board
    • white ribbon

Small Bloom


1. Begin by punching out the flower cutout flowers. Tip: to punch out quickly I suggest layering the sheets and punching them out at the same time. This will save you a lot of time)

2. Using a pencil curl the petals towards the center. Do this for all the flower shapes except for the smallest one. As the petals get bigger make the curls looser and bigger too. This will also happen naturally as the flower begins takes more shape.

3. Layer four of the smallest flowers (that are already curled) on top of each other with the double sided tape in between each flower.

4. Once you’ve layered the four smallest flowers add an adhesive foam square (which are included in the kit) and then layer the four medium sized flowers.

Begin to lay out your flower wreath, and play around with where each bloom will be placed.


Large Bloom


1. Repeat steps 1- 3 from the steps  for the small bloom

2. Once you’ve layered the small and medium sized flowers with an adhesive layer four of the big flowers together.

3. Add three adhesive foam squares stacked and add one extra-large flower

4. Add another three stacked foam squares and add the last extra-large flower.

Tip: For the large and extra-large cutout flowers with a pencil draw a small line in between each petal and cut a small slit. This will help make a bigger curl for each petal.



1. The kit will include a few pieces of paper and a template to make the leaves. I used another shade of green to make two different tones of leaves for the leaf.

2. For some of the leaves I curled them a little bit, and for some of the others I lightly them in half giving them a small crease to give the leaves some shape.

Now that you’ve completed all the steps do these for the rest of all the flowers and then you can put together your beautiful wreath! The kit contains 5 strawberry, 2 white, 3 blush, and 1 blossom of the small blooms, and 2 white, 1 blush, 2 blossoms of the large blossoms.







4 thoughts on “DIY Peony Flower Wreath

  1. atkokosplace

    That is really neat. Now that you’ve made it, could you do it without the kit or is it more cost effective with a kit? It came out so nice. Where will you hang it?

    1. emilylizzy18

      I suggest making the wreath with the kit, it was a lot of fun to make and I think totally worth the cost! I definitely recommend making it. Thanks for stopping by!!!!


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