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DIY Floral Bath Salts

08 19 15

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. Emily, Viv, and me (Lizzy) were all on vacation last week, but were all back now and we have some new and yummy posts in store to share. For today however, I am super excited to share with all of you this DIY floral bath salt recipe I created. These are really easy and quick to make, and are great little gifts to give or to make for yourself . Enjoy xox






  • Dried Flowers: I used sage and dried roses, but you can use any type of flowers or even add herbs of your choice. While on vacation I stopped by a little organic foods store where I bought the dried rose petals and sage, but you can reuse flower petals from a bouquet of flowers in your home and dry them out yourself by putting them in an air-tight container overnight.
  • Bath Salts: The bath salts I used were lavender and lemongrass which I’ve collected over the years from little hotel room. Who knew after all these years of collecting little shampoo and conditioner bottles that it would actually pay off! If you don’t have these hanging around your house though, you also can also buy himalayan or mineral sea salts too at your local grocery store. Also a fun thing to try is to add your favorite essential oils fragrance and mix it around with the sea salts to the fragrance and texture of your liking!
  • Jar/Bag: In the photos I used a small linen bag (which I have tons of lying around in my room and closet), which are really pretty to use if you’re going to give it as a gift. However I suggest putting the bath mixture in a glass container if you want to store a bigger amount.




Also using different types of flowers and herbs will give your bath salt mixture different fragrances and textures, but its also fun to keep in mind the different colors you use. I chose to include dark pink roses and sage into my mixture to give it more of a fall theme.




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